Holiday season- what should I wear??

Holiday season- what should I wear??

The Holiday season is just around the corner, and its time to get festive! 

Whether you're attending a festive party or just spending time with loved ones, you want to look your best. Here are some holiday outfit ideas to help you sparkle and shine:

Office party:

You want to feel pretty and special but you also need to be professional, so a unique and special skirt with bold color shirt will do the trick 😉.  And don't forget accessories always great thing to add extra touch. 

asymmetrical polka dots skirt


Family get together

Family get together is time to be cozy but it not mean you can look your best! 

Put comfy red shirt with nice bottom like skirt or pants. 

Amy Shirt 

Asymmetrical Pink Floral Skirt 

Tote Lily Bag 

Friends party:

When you between friends and you want to be style but more comfortably a classic skirt with statement top will make you to be the center of the party 

black deep slit skirt with red silk tie top and green navy flannel bag

black deep slit skirt 

red tie top 

flannel bag  

Going out:

When you going out for holiday party and you want to be chic classic but sexy and style there two ways to go- 

1. Mini-Dress 

pink wrap mini dress outfit with half moon bag

Pink Wrap Mini Dress

Half Moon Bag

2. Skirt and Top Set  

pink floral set with half moon bag

Pink Set

No matter what your holiday plans are, there's a perfect outfit out there for you. So have fun with it and dress to impress!

Happy Holidays



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